Sound Salvation LP (Limited Edition Red Vinyl)


Spring Heeled Jacks 3rd album "Sound Salvation" (2017)
Re-released in 2023 by Asbestos Records - Limited Edition

1. Keep Me Up
2. Can't Stand To Lose
3. St. Anthony
4. Slip Sliding (special guest: Steve Jackson/Pietasters)
5. Waiting For you
6. Burn This City
7. No Sleep
8. MCMXCVIII (1996)
9. Angeline
10. Strange Affair
11. Young Girl

Recorded at Firehouse 12 with Greg DiCrosta
New Haven, CT

Spring Heeled Jack are back in a big way! This eleven song album may be the biggest surprise of 2017. Sound Salvation begins like a lit fuse before exploding out of the speakers. The first track Keep Me Up shows all the reasons why SHJ is a unique and powerful band. Upbeat and edgy, soulful vocals, grooves you can dance to and catchy hooks throughout. As you move deeper into Sound Salvation you get into the infectious Can't Stand to Lose and the dreamy, singable St. Anthony. Next is the barn burner Slip Sliding and the beautiful sway of Waiting For You, both reminiscent of '60's soul. There are elements of Brit Pop in the songs Burn This City and Angeline, wherein SHJ shows some dynamics and clever arranging. You can picture the band playing these two songs on stage at the Glastonbury festival rocking out in front of 50,000 people. Where rock and reggae meet is where you will find hundreds of bands never really convincing you of this marriage. SHJ is able to pull off this merger in the dub infused No Sleep. Hailing originally from Connecticut, now split between there and Boston, SHJ tells a brief history of the band in MCMXCVI (1996). Citing the Tune Inn in the lyrics is only appropriate. This club was one of the greatest genre crossing scenes CT and the east coast has ever experienced. SHJ was at the fore front of its popularity selling it out dozens of times. At the end of the album is normally where you bury the less striking songs. These last two may be the most outstanding. The incredibly catchy Strange Affair evokes ghosts of the British invasion while Young Girl closes the album with a driving and emotionally charged climax. Overall Sound Salvation is a complete "all killer no filler" album from Spring Heeled Jack. Destined to change rock music and the world for the better.